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Truck Mounted Telescopic Boom Cranes for Sale

Telescopic booms offer a winch that is permanently affixed to the crane and prepared for immediate lifting, whereas an articulated crane primarily uses a hook on the tip of the boom to lift loads. The winch of a telescopic crane, combined with a rotating and telescoping superstructure, moves loads in a linear fashion, making it easier to operate. Therefore, when placing fragile equipment, the winch allows for a gentler placement of loads, regardless of the lifting radius. Wire rope, often used in oil and gas and utilities, also greatly improves the precision of placing or raising loads. Because the winch is the primary lifting mechanism, it features holding valves that make it possible to suspend heavy loads at height for extended periods of time without drift. Knuckle boom cranes are not designed to suspend loads for long periods of time, but for the loading and unloading of materials.

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